Revolutionizing Sports Eyewear at N3L Optics
N3L Optics, Oakley's nationwide sports-focused boutique, redefines the eyewear selection experience for athletes. With RFID displays and an "Explorer Chamber" for personalized UV and wind testing, our immersive stores offer over 20 sport eyewear brands. Combining cutting-edge retail tech with expert associates, N3L ensures the ideal frame and lens for an active lifestyle.
In my role as the creative lead, I collaborated with Oakley's design kitchen, construction teams, and CEO, Colin Baden, to launch 8 locations. I designed store environment graphics, crafted window campaigns, and curated an atmosphere where innovation intersects with passion in the realm of sports eyewear. Additionally, I served as the brand's creative lead for branded content, apparel, and UX/UI design.
Oakley Sunglasses

Art Director/ Sr. Designer

Key Contribution
Art direction, graphic design, UX/UI design, window display design, apparel, signage/environment design, production/ involvement through to consumer facing. 

Sport, Eyewear
Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado store graphics/ signage
Brand sport graffiti texture
Branded apparel + packaging
Branded email template + designs