Speedo takes action for water equity with "Swim United"
Speedo, the world's leading swimwear brand, has partnered with Paralympic Champion, Jamal Hill, his organization SwimUphill.org to launch ‘Swim United’ in North America. This purpose-driven platform is on a mission to breakdown barriers hindering American families from enjoying the water, striving to make swimming a more inclusive and empowering experience for all children.
Recognizing the need for concrete action, Speedo is taking steps at both school and community levels to address challenges faced by families. Simultaneously, the brand aims to ignite a broader conversation about the cultural, financial, and systemic obstacles preventing many individuals from embracing swimming. Collaborating with organizations such as USA Swimming DEI Dept, Diversity in Aquatics, No More Under, Rising Tides, V3 Aquatics, Pool and Hot Alliance, and local schools, Speedo's Swim United program is committed to providing swim lessons throughout the year to communities most affected.  
Working directly with real families, Swimmer, Jamal Hill and Speedo's in-house team, we've crafted a compelling video content series and social campaign. This series celebrates the joys of swimming through the authentic experiences of three families typically underrepresented in the swimming community. Each swim story unfolds with parents candidly sharing the challenges they've conquered to learn to swim, highlighting their commitment to empowering their children to discover their own joy in the water.  

Speedo, North America​​​​​​​

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Brand strategy, creative direction, scouting, post production/ involvement through to consumer facing.

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Jamal Hill
Drowning is the 3rd highest cause of accidental death in the United States and currently 1 in 4 US children leave elementary school unable to swim the National Curriculum recommended distance of 25 meters - and this is only set to worsen to 3 in 5 post-pandemic. 
Speedo Swim United was created to encourage a movement. It is a commitment from Speedo designed to benefit young people who are particularly disadvantaged; those who face cultural, economic or systemic barriers to learning how to swim. Central to the campaign are three Swim Stories films, developed by the in-house creative team and partners, which unpack the experiences of three different families who are not typically represented within the swimming community.
Central to the campaign are three two-minute Swim Stories films, developed by Alani Media, which unpack the experiences of three different families who are not typically represented within the swimming community.


Art Director: Vicky Yang
Senior Designer: Jeffrey Tuason
Photographer: Jordan Lutes
Film and Edit: Alani Media Team
Production: Janie Brown Productions